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Flour Bluff students paint affirmations on restroom walls

Posted at 5:07 PM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 23:30:12-04


High school can be a difficult time for young girls and one local high school noticed a real need, for a place for girls to go when they’re having a bad day.

So with some paint and positivity, Flour Bluff High School believes they have just the place.

Samantha Lund a senior at FBHS said “There have been plenty of times when I’ve just heard sniffles in the bathroom or there have been other times where girls will even go in here to hurt themselves or like take their anger out or girls punch walls and hurt themselves as a result.”

Administrators at FBHS began to notice girls would go to the restroom to have some privacy and that’s how the idea to paint affirmations and designs on the restroom walls came about.

Several girls who are part of the art program at Flour Bluff got together and designed each wall, spending countless hours of their own free time to get it all done.

Sara Webb, the Visual Arts teacher at FBHS said “We have all these amazing artists that are opening up their hearts to show how much support and love and compassion they have for their fellow classmates.”

Wednesday, a few of their classmates were able to see what all the hard work was for as vibrant colors cover the walls and words painted to brighten anyone’s day.

One student said “Girls go through a lot and we don’t really tell people so coming in the bathroom and seeing all this positivity will make us feel a lot better.”

This is the first restroom at Flour Bluff High School the students have painted but there are plans to paint more. We’re told the students and art teacher are working on designs.