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Taxpayers may see a difference on how much they owe due to the Trump Tax Reform

Posted at 10:32 PM, Apr 03, 2019

Major changes have been presented by President Trump’s tax reform.

This has caused some people to pay more taxes than others.

Tax Pro agent Bill Clark says if you owe more than you expected, there are options on how you can pay.

“So if they’re paying more tax, they really need to zero in on and see, how much tax am I paying and what’s been withheld,” says Clark.

An option available for many taxpayers includes a payment plan with the IRS.

These payments can be set automatically from your account. Or, you could visit an IRS office and send them a check.

Also, another option is to either place the amount on your credit card even having the possibility to pull out a loan for the necessary amount.

Clark says the best thing to do is to pay as much that you can. And if you need more help, a professional could help you sort through your alternatives.

“There are options that are out there for people that are struggling,” Clark said. “But they need to talk to somebody that can sit down with them and go through what their options really are and what can be implacable to them.” Clark.