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Family gathers the strength to re-build after massive fire destroyed their childhood home

Posted at 10:51 PM, Mar 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-30 09:36:20-04

While most were sleeping, one family lost everything they own.

It happened around midnight March 29, 2019, on the 1300 block of Sabinas Street.

At one point, the fire was so massive, fire crews were worried two neighboring homes would also go up in flames.

Firefighters believe it started on a back patio but are not sure how.

Thankfully the family inside sleeping at the time was able to get out safely.

A neighbor woke them up just in time. But it was not just their home that they lost.

Ben Perez is the brother of the owner of this home. This was a house that has been a part of his family for decades.

Now as he walks through the backyard, each step is taken with heartbreak knowing that his childhood home, is gone.

These same feelings are shared by his other siblings as well.

“The memories are the ones that really hurt right there”, says Ben Perez.

Lillie DeLeon says after her parents passed away, the house was passed down to their sister, who was living here at the time.

The family says neighbors rushed to the home, banging on the door and helped her sister out of the home.

DeLeon says she is glad no one was hurt and the next step is to rebuild.