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Discrimination or misunderstanding? Dress code question at local nightclub stirs online controversy

Posted at 3:09 PM, Mar 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 19:36:39-04

Ben Rios took to Facebook saying it was supposed to be a night out with friends when they got to Voodoo Nite Club.

Last night was supposed to be a great time with great friends. It was far from it. Last night my friends and I decided…

Posted by Ben Rios on Sunday, March 24, 2019

Rios says he was denied entry and when he asked why, he was told because he was wearing makeup and heels.

Rios made the post Sunday night. He says “treating people this way is not okay” and “he will not stand for homophobia and discrimination.”

KRIS 6 News contacted Eddie Djilali, the owner of Voodoo Nite Club, who said there’s more to the situation.

The owner said the weekend prior there were two men, dressed as women, who were allowed into the club. Then,  several women reported those two men went into the women’s bathroom and began recording other women inside the stalls.

Djilali says those two men left, but the incident was reported to police.

On Saturday night, Djilali said his employee working at the front door came in contact with Rios and another man. He questioned them whether these two men were the same men who dressed up in makeup and heels as the weekend prior.

In a statement sent to KRIS 6 News today, Voodoo Nite Club management admits the employee working at the front door denied access to Rios and his friend until management was able to come to the door and verify they were not the men involved in the women’s bathroom incident the previous week.

Djilali said Rios left before that meeting took place.

Djilali says they do not support any homophobic action in denying customers entry and has since spoken with Rios. He apologizes for any misunderstanding and welcomes anyone to his establishment.