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Corpus Christi toddler befriends mail carrier, makes her Valentine’s Day gift

Posted at 6:55 PM, Feb 18, 2019
Photo: Two-year-old Jayden Ramos hugs a mail carrier on Valentine’s Day he befriended recently. (KZTV)


It all started about a month ago when two-year-old Jayden Ramos fell in love with picking up the mail.

“My grandma asked him do you want to help me get the mail,” said Melissa Ramos, Jayden’s mother.

And his love for going out to receive that post turned into a friendship between him and his mail carrier, Laura.

“And then after that day she would bring him snacks just about every day,” said Ramos. “So he would wait for her in the living room by a door or else in the kitchen by the window.”

So on Valentine’s Day, Jayden’s mom says he wanted to give his newly befriended mail lady a special gift.

“I let him pick out a little bit of stuff and we made her a little basket,” said Ramos.

And the good deeds and affection were reciprocated almost immediately.

“The next day she came she got him a lot of little surprises,” said Ramos.

But the whole thing, according to Jayden’s mom is out of character for him. She says it’s a rare case if Jayden takes a liking to anyone.

“He’s really not like that,” said Ramos. “But for some reason, it’s something about her.”

Laura’s, the mail carriers, actions have proved to go above her normal duties.

“My grandmother is 87 years old and it’s kind of hard for her to get up and down the stairs,” said Ramos. “And if she sees her trying to come down she’ll come, get out of her car, and come and bring her the mail.”

And that’s what makes her special to the Ramos family.

“It just brightens up his day, every day when he sees her,” said Ramos.