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Moody High School seniors get crash course: Adulting 101

Posted at 1:55 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 18:59:55-05


During the school day on Tuesday, seniors at Moody High School got a crash course.

It wasn’t on any school-related subjects, but the class prepared students for life after high school.

The course, called Adulting 101, was a full day of workshop classes. It’s the first year the course is being offered at Moody High School.

Bianca Gallegos, a senior at Moody, tells KRIS 6 she plans to attend college after she graduates in just a few months, but she says there are some things she wants to learn first.

“Some of the things I don’t know how to do would be: how to buy a car, how to buy a house, I don’t know how to sew,” said Gallegos.

During Tuesday’s workshop, nearly 350 seniors like Gallegos learned important skills and information that isn’t typically taught at school.

“This is a school,” said Ryan Avalos, another senior at the high school. “You learn science, math, all that kinds of stuff. But the little things are stuff that you don’t get to learn.”

But it’s the little things that students had the opportunity to learn. By going to a number of half-hour workshops, students were taught how to: change a tire, check their oil, rent an apartment, buy a home or car, maintain a budget, interact with police officers during a traffic stop, how to cook quick meals or sew and maintain healthy relationships.

Everything the students learned was useful advice and tips they can use in the future.

“All of us are definitely going to go through some of these things,” said Gallegos. “And it’s going to be really good to know what to do in those situations.”

“This will definitely better prepare me for my future, 100 percent,” Avalos said.

Dr. Sandra Clement, the principal at Moody High School, tells KRIS 6 that Moody High School plans to host more Adulting 101 workshops in the future. She also says she’s happy to answer any questions, from other schools or districts, about Adulting 101.