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Some fatal pedestrian accidents avoidable by using crosswalks

Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-26 19:11:15-05


Fifteen pedestrians have been killed by cars in Corpus Christi this year.

While the total number of deadly crashes in the city is down from last year, the number involving pedestrians is the same.  Most of the time, the driver isn’t to blame.

“People just feel that they can cross any part of the roadway at any time they want to,” says Corpus Christi Police Department Lt. Timothy Frazier.

That sort of “bullet-proof pedestrian” mentality is what Frazier believes gets some people hit by cars.  They don’t use crosswalks, putting themselves and drivers at risk.

“That’s just a recipe for disaster right there,” says Frazier.

An easily avoidable disaster, if you use a crosswalk.

Not only is using the crosswalk the safest way to cross, it’s also the law.  Thanks to improved technology pushing a button like this before crossing will have you on your way in seconds.

“It’s very responsive nowadays,” said Frazier.  “The safety for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections where the push buttons are has improved over time.”

Frazier heads up CCPD’s Traffic Safety Division.  He’s been on scene at nearly every fatal crash this year.  Frazier says most crashes involving pedestrians happen at night… In poorly lit areas.

“If it’s a darkened area, cars might not see you,” said Frazier.  “There’s been plenty of pedestrians in dark spots that have run across and were hit by cars.”

Frazier also recommends putting your phone away while crossing.

“They’re not paying attention to where they’re walking,” said Frazier.  “They walk into signs, they step into holes; people have been killed because they’re just not paying attention.”

If a driver hits a pedestrian not using a crosswalk, it’s not the drivers fault.  However, Frazier says the trauma of hitting and killing someone crossing the street stays with that driver.