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Annaville has lowest gas prices in Corpus Christi

Posted at 12:13 PM, Dec 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-24 13:54:06-05

Lots of people are filling up their gas tanks as they head to their Christmas destinations.

So far, we’ve found the cheapest gas prices in the Annaville area. Gas is going for $1.73 a gallon at the Exxon on Interstate-37 and Violet Road. The Shell station along I-37 and Up River Road also has gas for $1.73.

Industry experts believe increased production worldwide is responsible for the drop in gas prices across the nation.

Calallen usually has the cheapest gas prices in town but today gas is going for a $1.75 a gallon at the Murphy USA along Highway 77 near Northwest Boulevard.

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