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DPS Troopers prepared to tackle holiday traffic troubles

Posted at 4:08 PM, Dec 21, 2018


With roads expected to be packed this weekend from holiday shoppers and travelers, the Texas Department of Public Safety will be out to help make sure drivers make it to their destination safely.

As holiday drivers make their way onto the roadways, getting from point A to point B may take a little longer than usual, and DPS says troopers will be out making their presence known.

“DPS is going to increase our patrols as we do every holiday,” says Sgt. Nathan Brandley, media communications spokesman for DPS. Increase our patrols to be out there and cover the county to assist other officers, sheriff’s departments and police departments.

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New businesses and road construction are also expected to create some congestion over the holidays, and DPS says they’re aware of the hot spots and won’t be limiting their attention to just the highways.

“It’s very important to have us seen on the roadway just to gain compliance,” Brandley said. ”Also to be looking for those people who are drinking and driving, people not wearing their seat belts, speeding, or any type of distracted driving going on putting themselves or (other) people’s lives at risk.”

Drivers can also expect to see troopers in London, Banquete and Aqua Dulce, areas where Brandley says there is a lot speeding.