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Dogs, cats seized in animal hoarding raid

Posted at 11:21 AM, Dec 13, 2018


Animal control officers executed a search and seizure warrant at a local home today for a suspected case of animal hoarding.

According to Darren Hicks, Corpus Christi Animal Care Services field supervisor, officers received several complaints of a couple of ladies in a home on Waco Street living with 40 to 50 dogs and cats.

Animal control officers searched the house and seized five dogs and nine cats. Hicks says officers are working to catch an estimated 20-40 cats still in the home.

According to Hicks, the City of Corpus Christi allows for a maximum of 6 dogs or cats to be kept in a residence.

Veterinary technicians were on site to vaccinate and treat the animals before they were taken to the CCACS facility at 2626 Holly Road.  Once at the facility, Hicks said the animals will be given an additional examination by a veterinarian and put up for adoption or rescue.

Hicks says the conditions inside the house were unsafe for the residents.

“It looks like any house would look like with 30 or 40 animals in it,” Hicks said. “Feces, cockroaches, just not a healthy environment. “

Animal control officers also had to wear protective equipment because of conditions at the home.

“Whenever you have that many animals in one place, it’s going to send off some toxic fumes,” Hicks said. “We want to be safe and make sure they don’t get any type of illnesses. “

According to Hicks, the case remains under investigation and the women could face animal cruelty charges.

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