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Black Friday: Crowds and intensity changing, online sales up

Posted at 6:54 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 07:57:58-05

Over the years, the Black Friday crowds and intensity has changed.

“People walking in has dropped 4% according to the National Retail Federation,” says Kelly Trevino with the Better Business Bureau.

Trevino says last years Black Friday saw 5 billion dollars from shoppers. The deals are not changing, just the shopping style.

“Instead of going out and waiting in line from 3 a.m. to get into the store for that flash deal or those incentives,” Trevino said, “they’re sitting at home, waiting for those deals to come up and all they have to do is click a button.”

Many stores open on Thanksgiving and some deals are even extended throughout the weekend. But some people believe that the Black Friday crowds are too much and they’d rather shop on other days or online.

Last year, online sales hit a record 7.9 billion and 40% were from phones. However, according to the National Retail Federation, last years Black Friday was the most popular day for in-store shopping, bringing in 77 million shoppers.

Nonetheless, Americans spent 5 billion on Black Friday last year. Whether you prefer to wait in lines at the stores or shop online, Black Friday weekend caters to shoppers everywhere.