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Thanksgiving Tradition: Dominguez family gives back to Rockport

Posted at 5:36 AM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 07:16:53-05

As Thanksgiving gets closer some local families are facing the hardship of affording a Thanksgiving meal, but one Rockport family is on a mission to make it the special holiday everyone deserves.

Thanksgiving may be a day away, but many people in the Rockport-Fulton community are already giving thanks.

“I have not had a Thanksgiving in about 10 years since my mother died. This means a lot for me to do it for my kids, and for the family to bring the family together,” said Rockport resident Jamie Leal.

What started out as a random act of kindness twenty years ago when brothers Jesse and Ron Dominguez handed out a Thanksgiving meal to a family in need, has now snowballed into a Dominguez family tradition.

“We believe that Thanksgiving is a time to not only give thanks but to help people,” said Ron Dominguez.

Over the years the Rockport-Fulton residents have recruited their wives, kids, and their grandkids to help give away 75-100 meals during the week of Thanksgiving.

Dominguez family prepares for their Thanksgiving giveaway.

“We see the work that we are doing, and we see the results.  We see the people that really need the help, especially after Harvey, and it is our Thanksgiving, it’s become our thanksgiving,” said Dominguez.

Each bag includes rolls, canned food items, a pie, and a frozen turkey so families in need can enjoy a good Thanksgiving dinner. The free meals come at a time when these families are struggling to put food on the table, especially after Hurricane Harvey.

“And we have had other unfortunate things happen to us. I lost my husband in January so we really appreciate him doing this for us,” said Rockport resident Mary Jane Martinez.

“It feels good knowing what the community went through this past year, knowing that there are some people out there that can help you out as Ron and other organizations,” said Rockport Resident Felipe Ayala.

“Ron helps a lot people, a lot of people. I know several people that have contacted him, and he is fulfilling everyone’s dream,” said Leal.

The inspiration behind this type of giving comes from a very special place to the Dominguez family…the heart.

“I just think that everybody needs to share in the cooking of a full Thanksgiving meal, and it is always good to know that these young kids will take part in the cooking of it as much as eating of it,” said Dominguez.

Thanksgiving is such a nice time to bring family together. But it’s not free. A big meal for a family costs money and for many, money is something they don’t have.

The Dominguez brothers cover the cost of the turkeys and side dishes from their very own pockets, and they also get help with sponsorships and community donations.