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Viewers report sleet falling in South Texas

Posted at 8:37 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 10:08:56-05

It is no doubt a chilly day in South Texas and numerous viewers have called in and sent in video of freezing rain from around the area.

Ingleside resident  Debby Park Ogle sent in these photos of sleet falling near her home.

Sleet in Ingleside. PHOTO: Debby Park Ogle
Sleet in Ingleside. PHOTO: Debby Park Ogle

KRIS 6 Investigative Reporter and Anchor Jessica Savage shot this video near the intersection of Airline and Alameda. You can see the tiny drops of ice bouncing off of the car.

Viewer Jason Ovalle Sr. shot this video near Greenwood and Trojan Drive.

This slow motion video was taken near Kostoryz and Holly by Facebook user Charli Thehair Artisan.


Other viewers clam they saw some freezing precipitation at the Saratoga and Staples area, Portland area and in Sinton.

Meteorologist Maclovio Perez says the sleet is mixed in with a few bands of rain in the area. Tomorrow morning will be the coldest out of this arctic blast, with temperatures inland falling into the 20s.