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Body-cam video captures man and kitten being saved by firefighters

Posted at 2:54 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 15:57:27-05

Police have released a video that captured a man being saved by firefighters after a car pinned his leg.

The rescue happened last month outside a home near the intersection of Dolphin Place and Santa Fe Street.

CCPD: Man tries to find kitten, gets pinned underneath car

Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Kirk Stowers was the first rescuer to arrive. He recorded video of the incident with his body camera.

The video shows firefighters quickly setting up a hydraulic lift to get the car off of the man’s leg. You can also hear the cries of a kitten in the background.

Moments later, the car is lifted and the homeowner, Scott Ponton, was provided aid. Ponton said he had heard the cries of a kitten that was trapped in the wheel well of his car. When he got his jack and lifted his car, he tried to get the kitten out, but the jack gave way.

“It was more like excruciating pressure,” Ponton replied when asked how painful it was. “It was all I could do to stay calm. The Lord helped me stay calm.”

After Ponton was transported, first responders quickly turned their attention to the kitten that was stuck in the wheel well of Ponton’s car.

Ponton was left with severe bruising and two cuts that required three staples to close, but he considers himself lucky. “It could have hit the old coconut and it would have been all over,” Ponton said.

As for the kitten, Ponton said his family nicked name the furry friend “Mayhem.”

Photo: Scott Ponton and a kitten named “Mayhem.” Ponton was pinned by his vehicle after trying to rescue the kitten in his car’s wheel well.