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Port Aransas ISD receives 1.2 million dollar FEMA grant

Posted at 6:15 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 19:15:22-04

The district has already spent millions of dollars on their recovery effort and it was welcome news for the students of the Port Aransas Independent School District.

The district has gone through a lot since Hurricane Harvey.

This is the largest amount in reimbursements headed the districts way. FEMA’s funds total to 1.2 million dollars, and the road to recovery has gotten a little better.

“A computer lab back there and two teachers rooms back there and of course the gym that is probably the worst damage was because the roof had come off.” Says James Garret.

This grant will be used to reimburse the district for some of the money they spent immediately after the storm. This includes the purchase of generators, pumps, and air dryers. These items were all used at the various campuses to clear up rooms that suffered from water damage and to prevent mold from happening.

“This FEMA grant will help cover some of those things that are not covered by insurance plus there are so many expenses when you have to move the entire district into portable classroom buildings. Says superintendent Sharon McKinney.

The district has spent almost 16 million dollars on their recovery and the process is still not over.