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CCPD: Man tries to find kitten, gets pinned underneath car

Posted at 2:41 PM, Oct 29, 2018

Have you ever found a kitten under the hood of your car? One Corpus Christi man did but unfortunately, the discovery led to his leg getting crushed.

The discovery was made Sunday afternoon outside a home near the intersection of Dolphin Place and Santa Fe Street.

When emergency crews arrived they found the man pinned under his car.

Police say the man told them he heard meows and figured the kitten was stuck underneath the car.

He lifted the vehicle with a jack and it eventually gave away when he was underneath it.

Medics took the man to the hospital and they said he’ll be O.K.

Good news for the kitten, too.

The man’s family found the kitten and they told first responders they are going to keep it.

Photo: The scene of a home after a man’s legged was pinned and trapped after trying to find a kitten. (KRIS-TV)