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Former ferry security guard files lawsuit against company

Posted at 8:54 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 00:01:51-04

About 15 Port Aransas ferry security guards, who say they haven’t been paid in weeks, got two checks today. However the checks only cover half of their owed wages, and they come a little too late for at least one former employee.

Cassandra Salsgiver, a former security guard for the ferry, filed a lawsuit against her former companies. Last week, she also quit her job because she said she was tired of not getting paid for her work.

“Everybody is really stressed out,” Salsgiver said. “They’re really upset, they’re angry. The whole situation puts a damper on everybody’s lives.”

Thursday afternoon, some of the Port Aransas ferry security guards got checks from their employer, The Michaelson Group. It’s been a long time coming for the security guards who say they haven’t gotten paid since September 6.

“There are people that are trying to support their families and they’re getting evicted from their homes,” Salsgiver said. “It has just made it really hard.”

The Michaelson group blames the pay delay on paperwork issues that came about when there was a change of ownership in August.

Even though checks are now being handed out, Salsgiver says she’s still going forward with her lawsuit. The suit is for back-pay and damages.

“Ultimately, I just want the company to be held accountable for their actions and to pay in the damage they caused to their employees,” Salsgiver said.

Salsgiver says this is not a new problem. She says it’s been an on-going issue for at least a year. That’s why the previous owner of the company is also named in the lawsuit. Salsgiver says both her current and former bosses were consistently late on paying their employees. However, the most recent late check was the most extreme.

“Now I have to try and find a new job because the company I work for won’t pay me,” Salsgiver said.

A spokesperson for The Michaelson Group told KRIS 6 workers will get more checks tomorrow and next week. Employees should be paid in full by the end of the pay cycle.

Salsgiver also told KRIS 6 she got two checks on Thursday afternoon. However ,she says the checks weren’t in the full amount. One of the checks is post-dated for next Tuesday and the other check can’t be cashed until Friday.