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Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce Announces “Beachtoberfest”

Posted at 4:00 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 19:25:13-04

Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce president Jeffrey Hentz announced today the city will be hosting a new event called Beachtoberfest.

The festival will start on Sept. 20 and will run through Oct. 28. During the six-week period, 16 different events will be held, ranging from culinary activities such as chef cookoffs to concerts on the beach.

The festival was supposed to have taken place at the same time last fall but was canceled by Hurricane Harvey.

With the town now recovering from the storm, it is ready to stage the event.

“It’s a time for celebration,” Port Aransas special events coordinator Joan Garland said. “Last year we endured some of the hardest hardships that anyone could imagine going through the hurricane and so I think people are ready.”

Many residents from the town have begun to contribute, and each week will have a different theme.

Restaurants will serve food, museums will teach people about the area’s history and culture. There will be a surf tournament in the final weekends.

Hentz said that once visitors experience the town, it will be hard for them not to return.

“This is the most true, the best, most amazing beach town in America,” Hentz said. “When people discover that organic feel, they’ll always want to come back.”