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CCISD 2018 bond package approved by board members, but what does it mean for taxpayers?

Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 20:27:54-04

The CCISD 2018 bond package consists of these primary elements.

  • Safety and security, including fencing to single entry vestibules.
  • Technology upgrades, along with library technology and other aspects.
  • Renovations to middle-school locker rooms (Hamlin, Tom Browne, and Martin).
  • Construction, much of which will go toward building a new Carroll High School.

The CCISD board of trustees met for a special meeting, approving the bond package.

However, one board member voted against the package.

CCISD Trustee Dr. Tony Diaz (District 3) says two main reasons explain why he was against of this bond project.

Diaz mentioned transparency, saying that the public should have had more opportunities to provide input. Diaz also says the funds for this bond project do not accurately represent the needs of all CCISD students.

Taxpayers will vote on the bond proposal on the November ballot.