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Guy Watts running for Del Mar Board of Regents seat

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 18:36:03-04

As the deadline approaches, to run for a position on the Del Mar Board of Regents, one candidate is catching some by surprise.

Guy Watts has submitted his application to run for Del Mar Board, at-large seat.

Watts, has a long history with the Board resigning in April, citing “heart conditions”. You’ll recall he was censured by fellow regents in 2016 over concerns that he was critical of the school and immgrant students.

We spoke to Trey McCampbell, Chairman of the Board today (Monday). McCampbell says he finds it interesting that someone who left his position months ago is trying to come back.

McCampbell said “It’s very surprising to most people, not just Board members but the Del Mar College community and our broader community that Guy is going to run away from the job he did before try and run again in a different race and think that he’s still going to benefit Del Mar College.”

We reached out to Guy Watts and he sent a statement explaining why he resigned, only to run for a regents seat again.

In that statement he says as just a District 4 regent, he felt limited on how many people he could represent. Watts says as an at-large regent, he would represent a larger number of people. He adds that while he supports jobs programs at Del Mar College, he feels there needs to be an equal focus on academics.

One other person has applied to run for the at-large seat. The deadline to apply is August 20 at 5pm.