'Keep Her Wild' group rallies to remind of environment costs of Port Aransas industrial projects

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Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-20 19:33:10-04

PORT ARANSAS, Texas  — Dozens of Port Aransas residents were calling attention to several major industrial projects that they say could impact their quality of life and the ecosystem there.

“Keep her wild! Keep her wild! Keep her wild!”

Today, a group called "Keep Her Wild" held a rally at the dredge pipeline bridge by the south jetty.

Members said they wanted to let people know that there are 15 separate major industrial projects planned in the area.

They include a desalination plant, on-shore and off-shore terminals, the construction of fuel storage tanks as well as the upcoming dredging project.

The group says that they're not against the oil industry because it's a huge part of our local economy.

But they add that the environment is important as well.

“They would be digging into the contamination that has not been touched, remediated at all,” said Port Aransas resident Cathy Fulton. “And this is very important because it is a lot of contamination from the previous facility that was there and it will leak out and get out unless there is a way to contain it especially from their plans.”

Fulton says they’re especially concerned about contamination in Redfish Bay, which they call a vital estuary.

They fear it could result in a loss of marine life.