Salsa Fest for Triumph Over Kid Cancer is brainchild of a child

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 22:08:38-04

It’s summertime. School is out and while kids are enjoying the summer, some are working to raise funds for a cause like the Pape family.

In just a few weeks, they’ll be hosting something called Salsa Fest. It’s something their 13-year-old son Carson came up with several years ago to raise money for Triumph Over Kid Cancer.

Carson Pape says “I thought about (doing) something. How about we raise money for something?” he asked himself.  “My mom said how about (raising money for) kids with childhood cancer?” And from that Salsa Fest was born.

The whole family helps out. 15-year-old brother Cameron Pape helps with the heavy stuff. “I just move stuff around. All the tents and help set everything up before it starts” says Cameron. 9-year-old Reagan Pape says “I was helping out with drinks and food.” And to be clear, it’s not Salsa dancing.

This is an event about the Salsa that you eat. Last year, Salsa Fest brought in $3,300. Carson donated hat money to TOKC and it was matched.

In fact, the kids are following what the founder of TOKC, James Ragan, said in his Salutatorian speech.  James said to “take time out of your week and do something nice for someone who is in a worse situation than you are.”  He went on to say “you’ll be happier throughout your life if you do that one thing.”

From that, the ‘Do That One Thing!’ council was born at CCISD high schools.  Money raised for TOKC by kids who Do That One Thing! during the summer, is matched.  For Carson, his end goal is to help kids who can’t enjoy summer the way he and his siblings can.

If they’re in the hospital they can’t have much fun like they can watch t.v. but that’s about it” he says.

Here are the details about Salsa Fest:
When: Saturday, July 6th
Where: Seth par on Seth Dr. In Cornerstone Neighborhood 78418
How much: $15 Adults, $10 Child Salsa Entry

For more information go to: Carson’s Salsa Fest on Facebook