GO TEAM Therapy Crisis and Airport Dogs need volunteers

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Posted at 9:43 AM, Jul 05, 2019
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CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — A local animal therapy non-profit organization has been making a difference in South Texas for 5 years.

Now they are looking for more volunteers to help support their mission.

The Go Team Therapy dogs, who respond to crisis, therapy and airport situations, have more than 700 active teams working all around the country.

“So here in Corpus, we go to nursing homes, schools, anytime they have a crisis event, we are there to help bring some calmness and love,” said Go Team Texas Coordinator Jerilyn Cordova.

The organization says with the lack of volunteers, the outreach for dog owners in the Coastal Bend is a huge priority.

“Every year we continue to grow. Right now we are at 15 dogs and handlers, but our schedule is so busy that I’m running 4-5 nursing homes a week," Cordova said. "We are going to schools every other week. We are also getting calls for various events at hospitals, and one of our dogs is actually working with hospice now. So the demand for the therapy dogs is increasing when people begin to understand what they are bringing to us,”

Owners can attend training classes to get their dogs certified to become therapy dogs.

“Your dog has to be a year old, have your AKC CGC which is the canine citizenship test, and also be evaluated to be a trainer here at Sit Means Sit to make sure you have all your basic obedience down, everything you are going to need,” said Cordova.

The dogs in this program are the true heroes because they make an impact everywhere they go.

“I think that it actually does take a compassionate person to do this job," Cordova said. "There are some days when it is not easy; we have to be there just with our dog and let the dog do the healing for the person that needs it, ”

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any not-for-profit organization. Without the dedication, commitment, and support of these giving individuals, Go Team Therapy could not accomplish their mission.

The next training class will take place Dec. 7-8. For more information call Sit Means Sit at 361-236-5748.

Do you know what the colors on the GO TEAM Therapy Dog Patch mean?

Red: Honors Our First Responders (Firefighters, Hot Shots, EMS……)
Black: Honors Our Fallen Military
Blue: Honors Our Law Enforcement Officers
White: Honors The Special People in Our Lives Who Are No Longer With Us