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Corpus Christi City Council District 5 Candidate Profiles

Posted at 12:22 PM, Oct 24, 2022
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Editor's note: Gil Hernandez did not return a questionnaire.

Christopher Hegg

What is your age?


What is/was your profession? Are you now retired?

Tech Venturist and Owner of Phoenix Technology Consulting. Additionally, a Navy Combat Veteran medically retired in 2012 from the United States Navy due to injuries while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What relevant experience can you bring to the office?

  • Navy Combat Veteran with over 11 years, leading hundreds of active duty members in peace and time of war. 
  • Tech Venturist who has invested locally & understands the needs of local businesses.
  • Responsible for spearheading Cyber Security, Technology, and Infrastructure solutions to support the State of Texas, Counties, and Cities. 
  • Board Member of Wildlife in Focus, and Member of the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce, among a few. 
  • Live by Navy Core Values: Honor, Courage, Commitment

How have your life experiences prepared you for this position?

As a multi-generational military family, I have only ever known to selflessly serve others. Serving in the United States Navy, I have led teams from all different walks of life, I have had to collaborate in multicultural environments to find common ground for progress and success. Today I have invested in the growth of the technology sector here in Corpus Christi, Texas bringing with me over two decades of experience in combating cybercrime, saving millions of dollars for the State of Texas, counties, and multiple city entities.

As a business owner, I understand what it takes to make progress within a growing city’s business infrastructure. There is a need for growth and change in Corpus Christi. Now more than ever, we need to stabilize our economy by supporting our small businesses here in Corpus Christi, truly reducing property taxes, reducing city fees, and keeping more money in the pockets of our growing families.

Which problems would you address on your first day in the office?

We have a long way ahead, but I believe with proper budget spending we can repair our streets and update our infrastructure. We need street repair, updating of our water pipes/drainage, solutions to lowering property taxes, and new industries to provide new jobs and boost our economy. In addition, finding new opportunities for the city that can generate new revenue.

I am truly the only candidate with a technology background that understands how technology can have an impact on our success. Corpus Christi has the grounds to be the most technologically advanced city in the State of Texas, but we must have a council that can collaborate and wants to grow. Allow me to move Corpus Christi forward, to progress into a new era.

What do you see as long-term issues which need to be addressed throughout your time in office?

Reducing property taxes, focusing on proper budget spending, increasing public safety, repairing our streets and infrastructure, creating jobs, and supporting businesses. I am of the belief that the government can do more with less.

What is local government doing well right now that needs to be expanded further?

Corpus Christi is a wonderful place to live, this is why I call it home. There are many good things happening in our city. So often we focus on what is wrong versus what is right. We have a mayor that fights for the welfare of our people, keeping beaches open, and advocating for the investment of our police and fire departments.

The City is making great strides in expanding the communication efforts between the City and citizens, e.g., the 311 phone system. I look forward to the expansion of additional avenues available to have more lines of communication open between the City and our citizens.


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