Father searching for Texas man who rescued his son

Son pulled from burning car after crash
Posted at 3:10 AM, Oct 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-25 04:10:41-04

BATESVILLE, Arkansas — An Arkansas father says his son is alive thanks to a man who pulled him from a burning car, but all the father knows about that helper is that he's a man from Texas named Steve.

“He busted the window out. He got all the glass out and literally pulled my son from a burning car,” said Randy Seale.

Seale’s son Dillon was involved in a major three car accident on Highway 167, north of Batesville, AR on Oct. 17, 2022.

"I got up on Monday morning and was scrolling though newsfeeds like I normally do,” he said. “All of a sudden, I get a notification from Life360 that my son had a sudden stop. You pray that it's, okay, he dropped his phone.' You don't really want to think the worst, but sometimes that happens."

The car his son was in eventually caught fire. And just a few minutes later, after the Life360 notification, Randy's wife Summer receives a call from their son.

“My wife gets a phone call from my son's phone and it's a gentleman. We can hear my son Dillon in the background. She puts him on speaker, and she can hear him in the background, she's not necessarily talking to him, she's talking to a gentleman named Steve, and he's asking us questions about who use are and what happened," Seale said. "If it wasn't for this man named Steve, I don't necessarily think my son would be with me today. "

The family is asking if you know of anyone with the name of Steve from Texas who was in the Batesville, AR area last week and could have helped their son to contact them. Randy’s email is