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Fact Check: Online article not only fake, but potentially harmful

Posted at 2:43 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 15:43:46-04

A story being shared online about a Corpus Christi rape victim taking matters into her own hands and assaulting her accused attacker isn’t just untrue; it could also pose a threat to anyone who opens it.

Corpus Christi Police Department spokesperson, Senior Officer Travis Pace said the incident never occurred, and the news article is completely false.

Police say they have no reports of the events described in an article that is being widely shared online.

The KRIS 6 Fact Check team looked into the website it originated from and determined that the site itself has no affiliation with any known, credible news organization.

The site does not list a parent company or copyright information, items that would be found on the website of a legitimate news outlet. Additionally, the site’s contact page has no details about who the online operator might be.

A review of the website’s public domain registration show the site was registered in October of this year, and lists no identifiable owner. Instead, the site appears to be registered through a registrar company in Panama. While this is common practice for many privately owned sites, news outlets that run large-scale global websites typically provide verifiable details on their domain registration records.

Anyone who comes across this article online is strongly advised not to open or share it, as doing so could potentially install malware on your device.

Links to the article and the website have been intentionally left out of this story out of concern for our reader’s security.