Extensive Everhart Road project to begin Monday

Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-30 11:33:42-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Everhart Road Project will span from Holly Road to South Padre Island Drive. The construction is expected to take at least a year and a half to complete.

Jeff Edmonds, director of engineering services for the city of Corpus Christi, says the reason for this lengthy project goes beyond the surface.

"Unfortunately the pipelines underneath the roadway surface are in as bad condition as the roadway surface itself." Edmonds says, "so this is going to be as much about getting those pipelines replaced as getting the surface replaced."

To keep traffic flowing as much as possible throughout this massive project, the construction will happen in five main phases.

The initial phase is expected to begin on Monday.

Southbound traffic will be reduced to one lane starting at Cain Drive up to the Holly Road intersection. Left turns will be prohibited at the Holly Road intersection for southbound traffic.

Northbound traffic will be reduced to one lane starting at Schanen Boulevard and shift to the west (southbound lanes) at the intersection.

Traffic heading northbound on Everhart Road will be allowed to make left turns at the Holly Road intersection. The right turn lane on westbound Holly Road will be closed. Right turns onto northbound Everhart Road will be allowed from the right lane.

Meanwhile, businesses are worried that the construction project could keep potential customers away.

Mario Segundo is a manager of the La Tapatia #2 restaurant , which is in the boundaries of the first phase of construction.

"We're definitely worried about business just because on this street even without any construction traffic gets pretty heavy and now with a lane or two open its going to be even worse," Segundo said. "Even though it's going to get slower, we are still going to be here for anyone who would like to come."

The city is working to ensure these businesses remain successful.

"We're gonna put the blue signs out for the businesses so that you'll be able to see where their driveways are and we will remain access to the businesses at all times." Edmonds said.

While there may be delays and congestion for the time being, Edmonds says there are smooth roads ahead.

"Just remember that this is going to be a temporary situation and once we get through this, we'll have a roadway that we can enjoy for many decades to come," he said.

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