Council member aims to clean up downtown homeless hotspot

Homeless and transients flock to an area near City Hall
Posted at 11:56 AM, Aug 01, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We told you yesterday about the city manager's plan to have the city coordinate the agencies which help the homeless.

Now, one city council member wants to clean up a downtown hotspot for homeless activity.

At just about any time of day, you can find homeless people and transients gathered here around city hall.

City leaders call it an eyesore, and a safety concern for City Hall visitors.

However, council member Paulette Guajardo says she has a plan to clean up outside City Hall and make the area safer.

She's promising people will soon notice a big difference.

So what's her plan?

We'll be speaking with her this afternoon and will share the details coming up this evening on KRIS 6 News.

Anyone wanting to help with the city's homeless issue is invited to join the Corpus Christi Homeless Issue Partnership.

The group meets the second Thursday of every month in City Hall's sixth floor conference room.