Wife and pregnant daughter of STX Beef employee test positive for COVID-19

Posted at 8:20 AM, May 18, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The wife of an STX Beef Co. employee is speaking out about her husband testing positive for COVID-19.

This situation has brought many health risks and concerns as she and their pregnant daughter also tested positive for the virus.

Rebecca Duenes says her husband Ramiro has been working for STX Beef for 20 years.

During the pandemic, the company is deemed essential so employees are obligated to go to work.

Rebecca says her husband could not complete his shift because his symptoms worsened.

“I was talking to one of my friends and she told me (that) maybe you should call the doctor and see if they could test (her and her family) for COVID-19,” says Duenes.

Ramiro tested positive for the coronavirus which affected his oxygen levels greatly, causing him to spend days in ICU.

The family says they were in shock because Ramiro appeared to be taking the proper procedures.

Rebecca soon found out how an outbreak of the virus has affected many workers at STX Beef.

The family believes the virus followed Ramiro home from work and has taken a toll on his health.

Rebecca was recommended to get tested along with her children as well, leading to devastating results for the family.

“When I found out I was positive, I mean I lost it,” says Duenes.

Rebecca and her daughter, who is six months pregnant, both tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fortunately, their symptoms are only mild. But they say they must be careful while remaining hopeful.

STX says they are taking active safety measures and have tested 747 employees to date, with 63 of those cases testing positive for the coronavirus.