Restaurants make adjustments in first weekend return

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-03 23:06:17-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tx. — The days of just walking into a restaurant, sitting down and ordering a meal seem to be over, for now.

Restaurants opened their dining rooms for the first time since March this past Friday. This weekend, was their first attempt at operating their business while implementing safety precautions and adjusting to this new normal.

"It's just a whole new process of having to learn to put on gloves, masks, when to change them out," Manager of Price's Chef Alex Guerrero said.

Price's Chef is doing anything they can to make sure cross contamination cannot happen.

"We are doing everything on plastic and paper plates," Guerrero said. "We can't give out menus either so we have them looking it up online and it is posted at the front of the restaurant."

That is the goal for the restaurants that decided to open up their dining areas: keeping the customers and their employees safe.

"As soon as you walk in we have a table off to the side where there is a hand sanitizing station," Googly's manager Fotini Dimarhos said. "We are keeping everybody six feet away from each other."

It is not just the restaurants that are having to make their adjustments during this time, customers are making getting used to things as well.

"It is kind of odd seeing open booths but it is nice that they are taking the precautions," Price's Chef customer Samantha Ortiz said.

This is just the start of the restaurant industry as they look to get back on their feet after a daunting past two months. They know that if they are too continue on an upward trajectory and get things back to normal, they have to keep people safe.

For now, they remain hopeful that things will continue to move forward and are happy for the opportunity to see their loyal customers.

"We're just happy to be back you know," Guerrero said. "The main thing we want is for this to be a step forward and we don't want to move back."

You can see the full list of restaurants that have opened their dining rooms on our website. The list is being updated as more restaurants make their decisions.