Port Aransas a popular destination for flightless vacation

Posted at 8:02 PM, Jun 12, 2020

ACCORDING TO PORT ARANSAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INTERIM PRESIDENT KEITH MCMULLIN, Port Aransas rooms — According to the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce, the Coastal town is seeing record-breaking numbers of visitors and tourists this season after restrictions were lifted because of COVID-19. Now, experts are saying Port A makes the list for one of top three destinations across the country for people booking places to stay, specifically AirBnb properties.

AirBnb is an online platform which specializes in helping private owners rent out unused properties.

David Clarke, who’s spending an extended weekend in Port A, traveled from Round Rock, TX and booked an AirBnb just to enjoy the Coastal Bend beaches.

“This is our first post-quarantine trip, so when we talked about it, we realized when we were going to break quarantine, it would be to go to Port A,” said Clarke.

According to Port A Chamber of Commerce interim president Keith McMullin, Port Aransas rooms, hotels and condos booked on the site are on the rise, and he believes it's likely because there's more interest in people wanting to travel after quarantine, but without flying.

“One of the many reasons port Aransas is prospering this summer is because it’s a short drive destination that’s convenient for families that want to go to the beach, but don’t want to get on an airplane to do it.”

“Because of COVID-19, the impact of the shutdown, and the impact on the economy, it’s affecting how people enjoy their vacations,” McMullin added.

To accommodate for the large increase in visitors, McMullin says many people who work at businesses in Port A are also working long hours.

“Speaking with (people who work at) a lot of the condos and rental homes and hotels around town, they’re not surprised at all,” said McMullin.

McMullin says many places are booking for the remainder of the month and summer season, and if you want to make sure you have that perfect place to stay, it’s best to book ahead of time.