Parents' petition aims to bring students back to schools

Petition aiming to return students back into classrooms
Posted at 9:30 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 00:38:11-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County parents are signing an online petition to fight for their children to get back into the classroom.

They say the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in keeping students home for remote learning.

“I just saw my daughter completely lose her love for learning, and that just hurt my heart,” said Allison Fosnaugh, a parent of four.

“My children are frustrated and they’re stressed out and they’re not learning entirely,” said Ann Marie Bellows, another parent of four.

While remote learning has been challenging for some students, according to CCISD, about 30% of families have expressed interesting in returning to in-classroom learning.

The district is planning on reopening school buildings on Tuesday, Sept. 8, but plans for a phased reopening are still being discussed. Therefore, not everyone will be able to return to the classroom right away.

“It’s just another layer of I don’t get a choice,” said Bellows. “I mean these are my children. My right as a parent I feel like have been violated.”

The district will finalize their phased reopening plans as they keep a close eye on the local public health situation.

However, Fosnaugh hopes her children are some of the first to return.

“I’m willing to go to any extent that I need to to make sure that happens, because I feel like my child’s education right now is being robbed,” she said.

In a statement from CCISD the district “will share complete information with families as soon as possible… We will be working to help those students return to the physical classroom as soon as possible. Every decision, however, is made with safety in mind.

"We appreciate everyone’s continued patience during a uniquely challenging situation. Once our buildings are open to all students who wish to return, we will continue to offer remote instruction throughout the school year to all families who prefer it.

"We agree that in-classroom learning is optimal. During the pandemic, however, we must also proceed thoughtfully to maximize safety. Our community may help create healthy conditions for our schools by continuing to practice infection prevention steps in their everyday lives, including wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing and frequent hand washing. Together, we can return our community to good health and enjoy the school-day and extra-curricular activities our community values.”