Odem baseball coach and son bringing practice online

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 22:01:05-04

ODEM, Texas — Baseball games and practices might be suspended, but that hasn't stopped people from practicing on their own, and if players are practicing at home, they will need a coach to guide them along.

Odem baseball coach Jason Pfluger, has filled the void of coach in a world without sports.

"We have to stay in baseball shape," Pfluger said.

The stay at home order remains in affect for much of South Texas so Pfluger is not making routine visits to coach players, he has found a new medium: social media.

"The goal was something to do that was easy," Pfluger said. "You can do it from home and it takes minimal equipment."

Pfluger and his 4-year-old son, Ryan, create their own drill of the day. Each drill focusing on a different aspect of the game of baseball with Ryan being the star of the show.

"I get to hit home runs and make catches," Ryan said.

The videos have gone far outside the small community of Odem, which is exactly the intent of the project.

"I've had people I don't even know call me and tell me how much they like them," Pfluger said.

The videos are on Twitter and Facebook with a lot of likes and a lot of comments praising the two for keeping positivity alive during a rather daunting time.

"I want people to have just a sense of normalcy," Pfluger said.

Each day brings a new drill that Coach Pfluger hopes is easy for baseball players all ages.

"We come up with something new everyday that Ryan can do, my high school players can do, the youth players can do."

It is one way Pfluger and his family are spending time together getting fresh air and it has multiple benefits.

He is teaching his son aspects of the game that he loves and he is able to share lessons with young ball players all over the area.

And with social media, the videos could spread all over the world.

Check out his video at his Pfluger's Twitter feedor his Facebook page.