New discount store opening during pandemic

Posted at 6:25 AM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 08:49:34-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — During a time when many other stores are closing, one nationally known store is expanding.

Ollie's is a discount store that offers a wide variety of items, from non-perishable food items, books, tapestry, and home decor.

This Corpus Christi store is not the only one opening today, Ollie's has 3 other locations opening today, one in College Station, TX.

KRIS 6 spoke to the District Loss Prevention Manager, Richard Reid about opening a store during a pandemic.

"COVID 19 is slowing us down," Reid said. "We’re trying to make sure we’re opening safely for the customers, making sure we’re following all of the governmental guidelines, making sure we’re keeping the stores clean. All the touch points. Limiting the amount of folks that are coming in the stores. To try to do it safely so we can keep everybody safe."

Reid's job during their grand opening will be to make sure all of the CDC guidelines are being followed.

He says all associates will be wearing masks, only 50 people will be limited inside the store at one time, and there are signs and markers to keep customers and staff at a safe distance. To practice social distancing, there will be certain registers open and Reid says he will be continuously counting inside the store to keep the limit of 50 accurate.

Reid says one of the biggest questions they have received from residents, are they essential?
Ollie's is considered essential because of their shelf-table foods, cleaning supplies, hardware and hygiene products.

Grand Opening will be at 9 a.m.
After today, there will be special senior and compromised immune system hours to get into the store.