Many Texans missing out on bluebonnets photos due to COVID-19

Posted at 6:27 AM, Mar 26, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The bluebonnets of Texas are the latest victims of COVID-19 as thousands of tourists are not traveling to see the state flower.

Taking your photo with a field of bluebonnets is a tradition across the state, but even this simple yearly activity is being negatively impacted due to the coronavirus.

"Well, being our state flower, and this is probably the best time to actually see them in such a small time frame - it does affect local economies and small towns," explains Bert Miller, the mayor of Navasota.

Annually, the bluebonnet season brings in hundreds and thousands of visitors to the state, and the lack of tourism currently is hurting local economies across the state explains President of 'Experience Bryan College Station' Kindra Fry.

"It's taking a huge toll on the hospitality industry which includes the restaurant, hotels and retail establishments," says Fry.

With bluebonnet festivals canceled across the state and shelter in place restrictions in cities throughout Central Texas, Miller says there are still some activity from Texans this bluebonnet season.

"There is still some that are out doing it and able to get out into the fresh air," explains Miller.

As a very sturdy and tough wildflower that can sustain growth on the sides of Texas highways, bluebonnets are a symbol of strength.

"No one really right now can predict how long this is going to last," says Fry. "what we do know is that at some point it is going to end and we're going to all; all the communities in central Texas, are going to be ready to bring people back together."