Local shops deciding if masks are back in business

Some Coastal Bend merchants are again requiring facemasks for customers
Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 19:31:59-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It’s been a while since we’ve been asked to wear masks or douse our hands with sanitizer in local shops but with the delta variant on the rise, shop owners are not hesitating to take these precautions again.

“We’re still doing the handwashing, using the sanitizers, disinfecting… just to keep up to par with reducing that risk,” says Amy Gonzalez, staff member at RoyBoy Tiki Hut.

RoyBoy Tiki Hut is just one of many locally-owned shops in Corpus Christi with a sign on the door asking customers to mask up.

Right around the block at 20/20 vintage store, owner Monica Ellison says she didn’t hesitate to reinstate a mask policy once they saw the COVID-19 numbers rising again.

“I think that if a community or a business is asking their patrons to wear a mask, that they should,” says Ellison.

The CDC is once again recommending that people mask up while indoors.

Dr. Jaime Fergie says ventilation is another simple way to stop the spread.

“If you have open windows and the air circulating, chances of people getting infected are small,” Fergie said.

While there is no mandate for the state of Texas, it is still up to the local business to decide whether or not they ask their guests to mask up.

“We hope people realize we are doing it for the safety of our employees and our families,” says Ellison.