Local automotive service providing contactless car inspections

Posted at 7:52 AM, Jun 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 08:52:38-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — It is clear that COVID-19 is creating a 'new normal' for people everywhere- even when it comes to getting your car inspected.

TC Auto Service is doing something for the first time in its 53 years, offering "no contact inspection service" to help protect customers from coronavirus.

“Well, the main reason we do inspections is for public safety, and we felt compelled to continue to do them. We worked with the Department of Highway Safety to find a way that we can continue to do them and also remain safe for everyone,” said TC Auto Service owner Todd Cole.

Since repair shops and inspection stations are considered "essential" businesses, owner Todd Cole says his contactless car inspection business has been a big hit over the last few months.

“Overall, it has been very good. We had individuals calling in asking to make sure that it is no contact, and we just set up the appointment. Everybody has been loving it because they don’t even have to wait. Everybody gets a slot time, and they drive in. We do the inspection in about 15 minutes, and they are able to drive right out,” said Cole.

When it comes to the inspection process, it is simple.

“We will do a 20-mph brake test that they have to stop within a certain amount of feet. Once that is completed, the inspector will walk around the vehicle instructing the customer, checking all the lights, beams, wipers, tire depth, making sure everything is safe for the vehicle, and passes the state requirements,” said Cole.

The temporary waiver on vehicle registration renewals issued by Gov. Greg Abbott on March 16is still in effect until further notice. Therefore, car inspections can be pushed back until the waiver is no longer in place.

However, if car owners still wish to renew their car’s registration, they can do so online.