Do the extras to make sure your workspace is clean

Keeping your workspace clean
Posted at 7:21 PM, Mar 23, 2020

Doctors are telling us to wash our hands more and try not to touch things that other people have touched.

But have you looked around your workspace at work, or even at home, if you are now working from home?

When's the last time you gave your workspace a deep cleaning? We’re talking about a quick wipedown of the keyboard. With coronavirus a serious concern, we have some expert advice on how to clean your work area.

The one business seeing a surge of business in recent weeks are cleaning services.

“We are extraordinarily busy right now,” says Sandy Thebour of Diamond Quality Clean, whose website has been lighting up with cleaning requests.

Thebour says her crews are taking extra steps right now, cleaning everything people touch.

That includes desk spaces, mousepads, phones, staplers and even light switches.

“Things on their desk, their staplers, door knobs, light switches, keyboards, everything that is very commonly touched items,” she said.

But after an initial cleaning, Thebour suggests a deep cleaning to sanitize.

"We would give them a good cleaning and then go back to them with a disinfectant,” she said.

A lot of us recognize the obvious things you should wipe down, such as your computer keyboard. But Thebour said there are lots of other things in the office that can also hold germs, such as the arms and back of your chair.

Saleswoman Amber showed us how they even wipe down seating surfaces.

And she says don't forget the community break room, especially the refrigerator.

“This is the part people touch the most,” she said.

And the microwave.

“You really want to get in the front and back,” she adds.

But one caution: Sandy says make sure the product is like Lysol and says it kills viruses.

"This is also an EPA-approved product for killing germs and viruses,” Thebour said.

Because she says if it won't kill viruses, it won't do much right now.

And finally, if someone uses your work area or computer when you leave, Thebour says double your efforts, so you stay healthy and you don't waste your money.