City building permits can be handled online during shutdown

Posted at 6:56 PM, Mar 23, 2020

CORPUS CHRIST, Texas — Despite the coronavirus shutting down some companies, businesses and some homeowners continue to expand and building permits are needed.

However the city of Corpus Christi development services office is currently closed to face-to-face interactions. Resident O.D. Ramey is trying to build a backyard treehouse for his grandkids, but must meet city code.

Despite the current pandemic, business and industry moves forward online.

O.D. Ramey lives in Flour Bluff. He’s building a treehouse for his grandkids. Believe it or not, that requires a permit from the city of Corpus Christi.

But when Ramey showed up at the city development office today, he was turned away.

O.D. Ramey said, “I showed up here. They are closed. They are going to be closed for two weeks.”

The development services department is currently closed to the public for any face-to-face interactions. So those in need of a building permit, such as homeowners, business owners, contractors, or even a tree house builders, can find out how at the city's website.

O. D. Ramey said, “Yes, yes they’ve been very easy to work with."