CDC warns against these activities to stay safe from COVID

Steer clear from these activities if you want to stay safe from COVID-19
Posted at 10:12 AM, Jun 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-29 11:12:58-04

The daily COVID-19 numbers are getting worrisome. So as businesses reopen, which are the safest to visit? Which are the most risky?

Consumer reporter John Matarese has the latest cautions from the Centers for Disease Control, so you don’t waste your money.

With cases of COVID-19 surging again across Texas, many people are reconsidering their outside activities.

So we wanted to share a list of what experts say are the most and least risky things you can do.

You've probably seen the pictures of busy beaches, and packed bars.

But only one of them is high risk for COVID, according to the cdc.

The CDC says the following are low risk:

  • outdoor walking or running.
  • outdoor dining, as long as you are 6 feet from other tables.
  • sitting on beaches.
  • swimming in pools.

Listed as medium risk include:

  • getting a haircut, but both customer and stylist must wear masks.
  • working out in a gym.
  • staying in a hotel.
  • flying, as long as everyone wears masks.
  • visiting elderly parents.

But from the doesn't that stink file, the high-risk activities that can spread the virus quickly the CDC warns against:

  • large gatherings anywhere.
  • indoor parties.
  • and bars and nightclubs where patrons are close together, especially without masks.

Which gets back to our first question: it's bars, not beaches that are high risk.

The bottom line is doctors say if you avoid close contact with other people, you boost your chances of staying safe and you don't waste your money.