Bee County COVID-19 vaccine updates

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Posted at 6:09 PM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 19:10:00-05

BEEVILLE, Texas — As COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues across the Coastal Bend, more people will receive the vaccine in the coming weeks.

Currently, in Bee County, several distribution sites are giving residents vaccines, but just those in the 1-A group are being vaccinated. Beeville residents are anxiously awaiting their chance to get vaccinated, especially the elderly, but they currently do not know the time frame for that.

“Well everyone over the age of 65 that lives here is very interested on the internet, Facebook, they want to find out what’s going to be available and when it’s going to be available, so far we’ve heard rumors, but nothing for sure,” said Beeville resident Jimmy Jackson.

“You’ve got first responders getting it, then nursing homes, and I’m on the list to get it when it gets here, and that’s all I know,” said Carl Mayberry.

According to the County, it is not currently known when the next round of vaccines will be distributed in the area.

"As it currently stands, aside from voluntary disclosure by in-county vaccinators, there are no reports we are aware of that indicate what future vaccine distributions will come to Bee County or to whom those vaccines will be sent. All we know is that there are several entities currently approved as vaccinators and several more that should be approved shortly, including Bee County itself,” the County said in a press release.

While there are several distribution sites in Bee County already, the county officials anticipate more will be added in the area soon. The County has applied to become a vaccinator, and if approved, plans to distribute vaccines at the Bee County Expo Center, where it currently conducts its COVID-19 testing.

“We plan to be able to conduct vaccination clinics at the Expo and, we hope to receive our new mobile response unit in early January so we can set up remote clinics at various sites around the County (if you can’t come to us – then we’ll just come to you),” the County said.

Some residents are apprehensive towards the vaccine, but plan on getting it when it becomes available to them.

“Since there will be so many getting it in front of me, I guess I’ll feel safer about by the time it gets to me, but I’m still a little curious what the long-term effects will be,” said Beeville resident Cleighton Jerkins.

Others, like Jackson and Mayberry, encourage their fellow citizens to get the vaccine as soon as they can.

“The question is when is it going to happen, and when are we going to get vaccinated? Because then we can go about living our lives normally,” said Jackson.

“We all need to take it, because this virus is very dangerous, and people who don’t take care of themselves are stupid,” Mayberry said.