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Visitors notice trash and debris landing onto the Prairie View Cemetery in San Patricio County

Posted at 9:03 AM, Apr 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-29 11:25:54-04

ARANSAS PASS, Texas — Several residents in Aransas Pass are fed up with trash and items that blow into the Prairie View Cemetery.

Many folks from the area visit the property to pay their respects, but that time can get distracting with items at the cemetery that do not belong there.

“I go through it all the time, drive through with my scooter (and) anything I see wrong I report it to the police,” says Birgene Schwenke.

Schwenke says the Prairie View Cemetery is special to him because his wife is buried there.

His business sits right across the street from the cemetery on FM 1069 and he says he does what is necessary to protect the area.

Images were posted on social media showing different syringes on the side of the road at the cemetery, bringing much concern to residents.

Our KRIS 6 cameras saw these same syringes and trash left behind on the property.

Birgene Schwenke says overall, several people work hard to keep the cemetery maintained and well kept.

Schwenke also says the lights have played a major factor in decreasing night activity, but everyone should do their part and remain proactive in keeping the area clean.

“And these people that drive through there have nothing but complaints, need to just get out of your car and help," Schwenke said. "Help do some of that stuff it’s our cemetery everyone needs to kick in a little bit."

The cemetery is patrolled by the county. We spoke to San Patricio Sheriff Oscar Rivera who says the department is looking into the situation further.

If you see any suspicious activity at the cemetery, you can report the situation at the San Patricio Sheriff's Department (361) 364-9600.