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Local business owner teaches children about staying healthy during pandemic

Posted at 7:58 PM, May 30, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The ongoing health crisis has affected many people across the world, no matter what age.

Many children might not understand what is going on in the world they are living in.

That’s why one small business owner decided to educate little ones about the coronavirus but in a creative way.

“We want to bring awareness during this time to our children especially to get more knowledge of what’s going on,” says Goo Goo Boujee store owner Karina Ryan.

The children’s boutique allowed kiddos of all ages to create their very own quarantine stuffed buddy.

“I mean this is a world-wide issue this is a pandemic that everyone is going through and especially here in our community we wanted to get our kids to know that this is severe,” says Ryan.

Mother of three Janie Corbitt stopped by to pick out a few stuffed animals for her children and feels kids should know the significance of staying at home, being healthy and safe.

“The importance of these teddy bears is basically just to show children that, hey, you know you have comfort you have something to remind you of this time and that it’s almost a bittersweet situation for all of us, says Corbitt.