How will CCPD enforce the 25 percent capacity rule for bars?

Posted at 5:41 PM, May 26, 2020

Many of us saw crowded beaches and bars this Memorial Day weekend. We spoke to local officials on how they plan to keep people safe as Texas continues to reopen.

For those eager to get out this weekend, local bars were a place to unwind. Some establishments saw crowds like they hadn’t seen in months. That left many residents wondering how or if bars managed to keep their buildings at the 25% capacity mandated by Governor Greg Abbott.

The parking lot outside The Ranch night club was packed to the brim. Owner Elie Ibrahim said his bar was at its 25% capacity, and he managed to stay in compliance throughout the weekend by having any extra people wanting to get inside, wait in the outdoor patios.

Abbott ordered for bars to keep customers from standing around and at safe distance from each other as part of the plan to continue re-opening the state. But, as far as enforcement goes, the Corpus Christi Police Department said that it is the responsibility of the business to monitor the capacity of customers.

In a statement they the police department said, “Should we get a complaint of overcrowding we would contact the business and educate them on the rule implemented by the Governor.”

When Abbott announced bars would reopen he also said compliance and continued health practices were key to a successful return to normalcy.

“Continue the process of distancing practices, hand sanitation, making sure you do everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Abbott.