Best Texas lifeguards competing in Port Aransas event

Lifesaving competition in Port Aransas.
Posted at 5:15 PM, Jul 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 19:33:00-04

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Once a year, the best lifeguards in Texas, both men and women, compete in the United States Lifesaving Association regional qualifier.

Port Aransas hosted this year's event, which showcases their training on real-life saving situations, in a competitive way.

There are 12 events that make up the competition.

"Everything from a 2k run, to beach flags, where guys dive for beach flags as they're eliminated when they go through, to paddle races to swim races, to rescue relay races to swim races, with the paddle boards as well you're rescuing people,” competitor Jared Mathews said. “It’s kind of a variety, there’s even a sprint run.”

More than 35 lifeguards in Texas meet for this event, which rotates city every year. They're here to not only show off their skills, but also ensure they're ready to save lives.

"They work out so hard, every single day to come out and not only save lives but to be in the top physical condition that they can be," Katherine Mathews said.

The competition includes lifeguards as young as 16 up to those in their mid 50's. They all share the same excitement for this life-saving competition.

"Everybody's trying their hardest here, that's the goal,” Melia Gore said. “Do your best here, show everybody what you've got and if you do well enough you'll go to Nationals in Virginia Beach so that's the goal."