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Derek Chauvin: Ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck released from jail after posting bond

Posted at 12:00 PM, Oct 07, 2020

The former police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd prior to Floyd's death in May has been released on bail, according to WCCO-TV and The Washington Post.

Bail in his case had been set at $1.25 million, or $1 million with conditions, according to WCCO. NBC News reports that Chauvin's release was conditional.

Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with Floyd's death.

Three other former police officers — J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao — face charges of aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter.

Floyd's death sparked nationwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality across the country throughout the summer.

Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney who has been working with the Floyd statement, decried Chauvin's release.

”Derek Chauvin’s release on bond is a painful reminder to George Floyd’s family that we are still far from achieving justice for George," Crump said in a statement. "The system of due process worked for Chauvin and afforded him his freedom while he awaits trial. In contrast, George Floyd was denied due process, when his life was ended over a $20 bill. There was no charge, no arrest, no hearing, no bail. Just execution. Although George Floyd was denied justice in life, we will not rest until he is afforded full justice in death. The civil litigation team looks forward to our day in court.”