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6 Investigates: Lawmakers talk about stopping car fee fraud

6 Investigates: Buyer ripped off by used car dealer
Posted at 4:05 PM, Dec 11, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Last month, we told you about a Corpus Christi used car dealership allegedly ripping off its customers..

It was called Cars for Credit, owned by former City Council candidate Eric Cantu.

He's out of the car business now, but the Nueces County tax assessor says while he was selling cars, Cantu also was committing fraud.

Here's how he allegedly did it, and it's very simple.

Cantu sold vehicles like this Jeep Cherokee to folks like Nathan Murphey.

Murphey paid cash for the jeep - as well as the required fees for tax, title and license plates.

However, Cantu didn't forward those fees to the tax assessor as required by law. That's fraud says the tax assessor.

But here's the problem - a crime like this is usually considered a civil matter.

Tax Assessor Kevin Kieschnick says that's not good enough - and wants legislators in Austin to give Texas DMV a criminal division so they can go after car dealers committing fraud.

Coming up on KRIS 6 News tonight, we'll hear from lawmakers and get their thoughts on the best way to crack down on shady car dealers.

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