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Nestle’s is rolling out edible cookie dough it claims is safe to eat

Posted at 2:00 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 15:28:15-04

CNN – Go ahead, lick the spoon! Nestlé Toll House has hinted that it’s rolling out cookie dough that is safe to eat.

Word has been hushed so far, but the cookie company did retweet a Cosmopolitan article featuring 15-ounce jars of ready-to-eat dough.

“Surprise!” The company said in the tweet.

And on Instagram, a shopper at a Publix in Florida, posted a picture of two jars of the edible treat and wrote how excited he was.

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Look, I’m just as excited as the next chubby little bastard that there’s another edible cookie dough on the market. But let’s keep it a buck: All cookie dough is edible if you aren’t a jabronie. “Is it worth salmonella poisoning?” Uh, have you ever tasted raw cookie dough? I’m here for a good time, not a long time! P.S. These are both worth a purchase but you NEED the Monster one in your life. 🍪 ➡️

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There was further confirmation when a Twitter user posted an image of the edible dough on the shelves of a store freezer.

“Why yes, I am going to try the Toll House edible cookie dough,” the user wrote.

And the company simply replied, “An excellent idea.”

So far, only two flavors seem to be available: chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip monster. But for those that have been sneaking bites of raw dough here and there when their parents weren’t looking, two flavors is a great start.

Why not just eat the dough you make at home?

The Centers for Disease Control warns that uncooked dough can lead to illness. Most know that of the ingredients, the raw eggs lead to Salmonella, but the raw flour means people also run the risk of an E. coli infection.

Although the edible dough has been spotted in some grocery stores, it is not yet clear when the product will have a widespread roll out and ease food poisoning fears.

CNN has reached out to Nestlé for comment, but has not heard back.

CNN’s Dylan Miettinen contributed to this report.