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Referees are honing their craft before upcoming season begins

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jun 11, 2019


School may be out for the summer, but for some, classes have just begun and they are counting down the days until football season arrives.

Class is in session. The South Texas Football Officials Association 2019 summer classes have kicked off.

“We’re doing a rules sitting right now over the NCAA rules and closer to the season we will cover the UIL  exceptions,” said Kyle Fuehrer, the chapter trainer for the STFOA.

The class hosts new and old referees alike and like the football players they officiate, they use this class to get in that extra work.

Even referees with years of work under their belts return to master their craft and fix their mistakes.

“There’s so many rules and so many exceptions to the rules that each one of these it takes to really engrain it into your mind,” said Charles Nesloney, a referee and returning student.

And much like anything we do, the best way to learn for these referees is first-hand experience.

“Once you get out on the field and you actually experience the plays, you start seeing how it applies,” Nesloney said.

The class runs all summer every Monday night and once the season begins, these referees are sent out on their own. It’s a true trial by fire.

The newer officials will start at the middle school and JV games. They’re all going to be out there in the fall, even if they are not ready.