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Three teens accused of stealing a vehicle brought tense moments

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jun 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-02 21:51:23-04

The morning of Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 brought tense moments for Corpus Christi Police officers as they tried to catch three teens who were accused of stealing a car.

However, it was also a tense time for people in the neighborhood where that chase happened.

This also led to a chase after the car was stolen from a nearby residence in Flour Bluff.

Neighbors witnessed these different actions in shock but were able to step in help and make sure these teens were caught.

“They weren’t saying too much, except they were at their house is when they saw kids running through their yards and then they got word that they were involved in some things, so at gunpoint, they had one of them at gunpoint”, says Lt. Nicholas Kless.

CCPD then had one more teen to catch.

Rose Rocha says she has lived on Brighton drive for thirty-five years.

Rocah says she was outside talking to her neighbors when the teen driver hit her car.

“The driver of the white car just took it to the right and just smashed into my car. And I’m (gasps) I couldn’t even take a breath because it happened so fast,” says Rocha.

She says even though she has never experienced anything like this before, things could have been much worse.

But to catch the last teen who was on the run. Corpus Christi police used their drone, but tall grass brought its challenges.

Further down several blocks, police found the last teen on Rose Street.

Officers share a simple message.

“Number one, listen to your parents, listen to people that are knowledgeable and don’t commit crimes obviously,” says Lt. Kless.